Side Effects of Sustanon

Sustanon is an effective steroid which gives the user high quality muscles and amazing strength gains. This steroid is formed by combining four esters which have different half lives and so it remains active in the body for a pretty long time. This steroid helps in building lean muscle mass in no time.

Androgenic and Anabolic Properties

Sustanon exhibits strong androgenic as well as anabolic properties. This potent fusion of anabolic and androgenic properties is the reason why Sustanon is such a powerful steroid and is so popular among athletes as well as body builders. This potent fusion of anabolic and androgenic properties however gives birth to some nasty side effects.

The androgenic side effects of Sustanon attack the skin and the scalp; therefore hair loss, acne and oily skin are some common problems of Sustanon. In case of male users, the hair loss follows the male pattern baldness and so those males who already suffer from male pattern baldness or have a history of it should stay away from this steroid. In women hair falls out or women develop patches on the scalp. However this problem can be brought under control if medication is taken along with the steroid.


Steroid acne and oily skin are some side effects of Sustanon. Steroid acne occurs when the sebaceous gland under the skin let out a lot of sebum which first collects under the skin and then breaks out on the skin as acne. Steroid acne usually occurs on the back, chest, shoulders, arms and even face and neck.

An increase in sexual desire and mood swings are also common side effects of Sustanon. Mood swings are emotional changes a user goes through; depression and anxiety are some symptoms of mood swings. At times the user also shows irritation and hostility and a general intolerance. Sustanon may cause liver problems as well.

Side Effects in Men

The prolong use of Sustanon can cause some serious problems in men. Firstly it hampers the natural production of testosterones in the body. Body produces testosterones in the body; these are mal sex hormones which are responsible for secondary sec characteristics in the body. Due to steroids, the body gets a high dose of testosterones from outside; in order to keep the number of testosterones under control, the body slows its production of testosterones and then comes a point when the body stops producing testosterones altogether.

Gynocomastia is another side effect of Sustanon men suffer from. Gynocomastia is a medical condition in which men suffer from abnormally large breasts; this happens due to aromatization. Aromatization is the conversion of testosterones into estrogen. Estrogen being a female sex hormone has the ability to bind with the breast tissues and get deposited on the breasts; this causes abnormally large breasts. Although gynocomastia is not a life threatening diseases, it is quite embarrassing and in severe cases needs surgery for correction. Aromatization also causes water retention another side effect of Sustanon.

Women users of Sustanon suffer from virilization. It must be noted that side effects of any steroid occur due to overuse and when the user exceeds the recommended dose.