Sustanon is a steroid that has four different testosterone esters and which was first developed as a hormone replacement therapy steroid. The testosterone esters are testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone propionate, testosterone decanoate and testosterone isocaproate. This is an injectable steroid that was specially made for those who do not like injecting all the time. It was created more for its convenience rather than its performance as a steroid. For the average user who does not like the sight of prickly needles on his skin most of the time, Sustanon was made to be the kind of steroid that is used in by the user once a month thanks to the timed release of the four esters in the body of the user for one month. While it provides a lot of convenience for those who dont like injections, it does not match its convenience with its performance. For the many people who have used Sustanon, there is not so much of a difference in performance between Testosterone Blend and other kinds of injectable steroids. The proponents of Sustanon see this as a convenient way to inject once in a month and save them of the hassle of keeping up with the records in injections


Since it is a testosterone, the advantages that come with using it are immense, primarily being muscle growth. Having a lot of testosterone in your system means endurance of physical exercises and more energy due to increased protein synthesis. Having a lot of Sustanon in the body will protect the muscles of the body from catabolism. The development of muscles is directly related to the amount of exercise you do and this will also be determined by how well you recover after every training session. Having a lot of testosterone in your system takes care of the soreness and tiredness of the muscles after a training session.

For those who suffer from anemia, this is the kind of steroid that will reverse anemia by stimulating the increase in the number of red blood cells in the body. This means a lot more oxygen will be supplied in your system, which further increases the endurance level of any user of Sustanon. The users of this drug have reported an increase in aggression levels. Any person who wants to be a good performer has to be aggressive and this is the kind of steroid that ensures that. The more you take Testosterone Blend, the bigger the muscles you will get. This is a great discovery but it comes with a catch in the form of side effects. While one may want to bulge in the blink of an eye, the side effects that come with aromatization will stop him in his tracks. It is important therefore to take Sustanon in small manageable doses and increase in size little by little. Having to deal with acne is one of the side effects that are undesirable and this comes with loss of sex drive, water retention, hair loss and fat gain due to reduced fat breakdown